6 Common Naturopathic Therapies

       Depending on the schools, the treatment methods do vary and there are designed skills and preferences, which are set by them. Some of the common techniques, which exist and do benefit millions of people, are given underneath:

Mud Therapy

It is done with the pack of mud and mud bath. Useful in curing conditions of skins like pimples, boils and patches. Apart from that, they are also effective in improving the digestions. As mud does absorb toxins from the body, reduces swelling and finally helps in relaxing as well.

Water Therapy

An essential element of the human body, as it is being used for bathing, drinking water, enema and in case of somebody packs.


In the human body, there are around 1000 acupressure points of which 90-100 are quite useful in curing some common ailments. It could cure many diseases and help in maintaining good health. Further, it helps in improving heart, digestive system, eyes and strengthening joints.

Massage therapy

It is beneficial for the blood circulation, relieving fatigue and toning muscles. Further, it helps in opening up clogged pores of the skin, which is crucial for allowing harmful toxins, go away from the body sweat.

Air therapy

If individual need to remain fit across their life, then it is recommended that they should take fresh air from the plant and should take care that they are taking the air in the best suitable manner.

Color therapy

It exists as the balance of color in the human body. But when the user fall sick this balance is distributed. It is helpful in re-establishing balance between bodies and curing the disorder of color.

Apart from the above some other therapies, which are quite common among people are- Yoga, diet, juice, Mudra, pyramid and so on. It is the way of life, which is quite close to the environment, and methods, which are used, do bring people closer to nature. It does strive to balance the different elements of the human body of spiritual and physical level and attaining good health. It is recommended that you should be able to understand the adopting method, but under the supervision of trained practitioners.