Scientific name of Star anise: Illicium verum

Name of Star anise in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Thakkolam

Hindi: चक्र फूल Chakra Phool

Malayalam: Takkolam തക്കോലം

Plant description of Star anise-

Star anise (Illicium verum ) an evergreen tree, grows to 15 m tall, and trunk grows about 25 cm. in diameter, leaves are glossy, leathery, taper apex, held in clusters of three to six. The bark is white, flowers are yellowish green, fragrant, solitary, with 7 to 12 petals, flowering is March - May. Fruits are star-shaped, single-seeded, dark reddish-brown in color, fruits are fleshy, fruiting is September - October. Star anise fruits are harvested to collect its essential oil before it ripe. Propagation through cuttings or by seeds.

Leaf Arrangement



Useful plant parts :

Seed, oil

Medicinal uses of Star anise:

To treat rheumatism, Vata, respiratory diseases, eye and ear diseases.

Chemical content:

Shikimic acid, a-pinene, limonine, safrole.

How to prepare medicines:

Star anise is the one of the ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like-


Cheriya Karpooradi Choornam

Valiya Karpooradi Choornam